Re:Failed building GtkWebCore.

Hello Jala,

> I was trying to build "GtkWebCore" in Fedora Core3.
> I downloaded "osb-jscore-0.5.0.tar.gz" from,
> 25.

Didn't you think the gtk-webcore mailing list might be more appropriate? As
this does not have anything to do with the development of the GTK library?

> when building this, i got an error. I have added the error msg here.
> -----------------><------------------------------------
> make: *** [all] Error 2
> -----------------><------------------------------------

Well the tarball you mention is known not to compile with GCC-4.x, which I
expect Fedora Core 3 has.

Try the sources from here :
It is mixed with GPE stuff but you should be able to find the correct packages
you need. They build fine on Debian unstable with GCC-4.x and contain some
extra patches that are not in Gtk-Webcore (as it's development more or less
has been halted).

Hope this helps,


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