Resizing events

Sir Can u just give me some idea about resizing. i want to resize my custom control as its parent window gets resized. my custom control consists of buttons arranged on gtkfix. please tell the events that i have to catch, and resizing functions. Description.........

I am making custom controls ,ie i am doing custom drawing of the buttons "gtk_button_new()" by defining expose_event in my class and attaching expose signal to my buttons.
i have attached my buttons to a fixed area wigit ie "gtk_fixed_new()".

problem :-How could i resize my custom widget which contains all the buttons on the "gtk_fixed_new()". Parent widget of my custom controls handles its resizing independently.
how could i resize my cusom control with respect to Parent.


From: Olexiy Avramchenko <aolexiy gmail com>
To: Faqeer ALI <faqeerali hotmail com>
CC: gtk-devel-list gnome org
Subject: Re: ali:6128): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_events: assertion `!GTK_WIDGET_REALIZ
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 16:38:56 +0200

On 1/30/06, Faqeer ALI <faqeerali hotmail com> wrote:
> gtk_widget_set_events (Button[j][i],
> ////////////////////////////Warnings in my code/////////////////////
> (ali:6128): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_events: assertion
> `!GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED (widget)' failed

You have to use gtk_widget_add_events() instead of
gtk_widget_set_events() in this case (widget is realized at the moment
you call gtk_widget_set_events()).


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