Re: Highlevel printing API - proposal

This looks great, but I don't see anything in the print context relating to the use of "themed" rendering.

Should it be somewhere other than the print context?

Something like this:

gboolean egg_print_context_get_override_document_colors ()
GdkColor egg_print_context_get_text_foreground ()
GdkColor egg_print_context_get_text_background ()
GdkColor egg_print_content_get_line_art_foreground ()

(Not sure about the data types for the color stuff)

Perhaps instead of text_foreground etc. it should be "...get_paper_color()" and



Here is a new version:

Changes in this include:
* better handling of units
* some renaming
* changes to the signal prototypes to make them more sane.
 They now all get passed a PrintContext object that you can get all
 the info you need to render from.
* Helper functions for integration with pango that makes it easy to
 get correct text drawing.

Check out the example code output:

It prints itself!

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