Re: Proposal for new tooltips API

Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> We've had a bug opened on reworking the tooltips API since 2001 (#50619) and
> GtkTreeView needs this in order to be able to support tooltips on rows, cells,
> etc.  So it's about time to do something about it.  In this proposal I am
> basically building forth on the work of Owen Taylor and Christof Petig, the
> e-mail thread is archived at [1].

If you have any work to do which can be separated from the rest, does
not block your further work etc. I happily offer my help in implementing
it (and testing it of course).

One thing was on my mind when I thought about tooltips: IIRC you
currently need to place an EventBox around some widgets (X-window-less
IIRC) to get a tooltip, perhaps this can be avoided in a redesign
(perhaps mouse movement bandwidth outweights the benefits, I don't know).

EventBoxes tend to hide my nice background graphics rather badly, so I
have to chose between background graphics and tooltips :-(.


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