Re: Gtk+ printing dialog highlevel thoughts

On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 05:58 -0800, Michael R Sweet wrote:

> So, what you'll get from PAPI is a slightly better set of information
> to customize the existing GNOME print dialog (i.e. a standard way to
> get a list of printers, jobs, etc. along with the supported media
> sizes, duplex modes, resolutions, and so forth), but not enough to
> provide support for all of the current driver features.  If you end
> up supporting multiple print system backends, it is sufficient as a
> backup for platforms that don't have CUPS or some other full-featured
> printing system, but it would not be my first choice...

I must say, supporting multiple print system backends doesn't strike me
as very exiting. Being able to just focus on one implementation and
actually finish and polish it instead of messing with multiple systems
and least common denominators sounds much better. This is one of the
advantages I think MS and Apple has over us in general, and I think its
hurting us badly that we always have to over-generalize and support
multiple ways of doing the same thing. :(

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