Mac OS X native GTK Theme/Engine using the Appearance Manager

[Cc'ing gtk-devel-list; please Cc me as I'm not subscribed]


I'm a young french developer willing to switch from Windows to Mac
(wanting a Unix but tired of Linux).
As I've not switched yet (waiting a bit to see what's new at MWSF
'06), I chose to pick a "not that important" task from your To Do
list, as a starting point to improve the GTK port.

So, this mail to inform you that I've started to work on a native
theme engine using the Appearance Manager. I'll develop "blindly,
theorically" (no test, not even compilation) until I'll buy a Mac (is
a Mac Mini 1.42GHz w/ 1Gb RAM enough to develop?).
I'll send you the files when they'll be complete enough.


Thomas Broyer

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