Outstanding bug with GtkComboBoxEntry

Hi all.

I reported a critical bug ( http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=156017 ) in GtkComboBoxEntry that is preventing users from using the keyboard for Combos.

Basically, if the keyboard is used to type into the Combo's child ( entry ), the corresponding iter of the combo is never set active, even if the text matches. This is causing me *great* pain as I have users who claim they are much faster using the keyboard exclusively ... and I tend to agree with them. So I have to jump through hoops attaching code to each Combo's child to manually set the correct iter active so when I return to read it later, I actually get the correct value.

As mentioned, I consider this a *critical* bug in GtkComboBoxEntry's functioning. What's more, the fix is surely simply. Unfortunately, I'm a Perl programmer, and can't program in C. Matthias Clasen posted something to the bug almost a year ago, but either this wasn't applied, or does not work.

Can someone please have a look?



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