Re: 64bit format strings

On 1/6/06, Stefan Westerfeld <stefan space twc de> wrote:
> (1) Take no care that gint64 is defined by glib-2.0 as long long on
> 32-bit platforms and as long on 64-bit platforms. This generates
> compiler warnings on 64bit machines like Linux on AMD64.
> (2) Use glib's macros for formatting things. The code is less readable,
> but works.
> (3) Use i18n, without using glib's macros: works, but generates the same
> warnings on 64-bit platforms like Linux on AMD64 as (1).
> (4) Use i18n and glib's macros: breaks due to xgettext, which cannot
> deal with preprocessor string concatenation. No internalization is
> performed.

Does xgettext handle the PRI... macros which C99 has for the same purpose ?


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