Re: Depending on C99 (Re: GtkBindingSignal changes)

On Jan 5, 2006, at 8:14 AM, Tim Janik wrote:

- what version of VC++ has proper C99 support and when
  did it come out

On Microsoft's page on the C Run-Time Library Reference for Visual Studio .NET, they include this at the end of the first section:

"This version of Visual C++ is not conformant with the C99 standard."

I've checked a few things here and there, and I think one thing that surprised me was that .c files under DevStudio didn't have some C99 features, while C++ files did. Their support seems quite strange and scattered. Off hand I can't find references I'd hit on msdn as far as details, but one of the things I recall is a lack of stdint.h.

Also, it appears that through 2003 the position of the VC++ team was that there's almost zero customer demand for C99 support, so they were only going to pick up a few features here and there, but not more.

- is VC++6.0 something wide-spread that needs to be supported?
  (if yes, why and for how long?)

I think things need to be checked, but VC++7.x might be the shift to VC++.NET. If so, then there's a bit more reason people could be sticking with it.

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