Re: GTK+ canvas?

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 13:03 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

> Goocanvas has a view/model split at item level too. There is an
> ItemModel and and ItemView, and the Item interface has a create_view
> method. IHMO this introduce needless complexity, especially in the
> event handling. 
> Mouse events are signals on the ItemView, so you have two options to
> listen for item events:
> 1 Subclass Item and ItemView and handle signals in ItemView
> 2 Handle events from the CanvasView (which therefore needs to know
> about his Model internals) 
> None of these is really acceptable.

I don't see the problem with (1) for large applications. That is
standard model/view stuff.

For simple apps you can connect signal handlers to the item views. This
isn't that hard (it is easier in the latest release).

> I can see the usefullness of model/view split at item level in a
> widget system (Swing for example) where logic and presentation are
> clearly separated. But in goocanvas Model is totally about
> presentation (stroke-color, fill-color, line-width to cite some of the
> SimpleItem properties). 
The simple items are all basic shapes, but for real-world use
applications would use their document objects as the model.

I agree that the model/view split does complicate it a bit. But it can
also help a lot for larger apps.


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