GLib 2.12.3 released

GLib 2.12.3 is now available for download at:

glib-2.12.3.tar.bz2   md5sum: cbf663f8bc733e2f6c90599942f6616a
glib-2.12.3.tar.gz    md5sum: bffadd97168590d175b157957006e8ce

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.

More information about GLib is available at:

An installation guide for the GTK+ libraries, including GLib, can
be found at:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.12.2 to GLib 2.12.3

* Use Posix monotonic clocks instead of gettimeofday() 
  for GTimer when available.

* Make the construction of singleton objects work
  witout warnings.

* Bugs fixed
 351583 API documentation issues with 2.15 release
 336114 desktop locks immediately after changing 
        the system clock
 351853 GKeyFile creates non-UTF-8 error messages

* Translation updates (fr,hu,ja,ku,lt,lv,ml,or,

Thanks to the contributors

Brian Cameron, Tim Janik, Tor Lillqvist, 
Simon Budig, William Jon McCann

Matthias Clasen
August 30, 2006

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