Re: Gtk application(hello.c) over GTK-DirectFB

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 13:01 +0530, Prasanna Kumar K wrote:

Hi All,

I'm not getting the top level window when trying to run some
GTK-applications over GTK-DirectFB..
I'm getting the internal contents of the GTK-application, like
buttons, bars etc... but not the top level window over which
these widgets (buttons etc..) are placed..

what i think is the alpha value of top-level window in
GTK-DirectFB is set to 0.. can any one tell how to set it to 1
, so that it can be visible..

This has nothing to do with the alpha channel.  DFB lacks a window
manager, so you don't get decorations.

well, you could try to use GTK's wm or dfb's alternative wm, UNIQUE, but both some times ago they showed not to work very well (ATM GTK's wm seems to be the best option still)



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