Re: about gtk/_gtk_kegtkkeyhash.c:y_hash_lookup() and fuzzy matches

On 8/17/06, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:

I don't think there would be anything particularly puzzling - if people
are used to the layout independence for letters, they wouldn't be that
surprised that it happened for punctuation as well.
Yes but if an application have a binding for both keys then the
accelerator position  can be layout dependent and one may not work at
all (unlikely). IMO it's the puzzling part, on an application basis
you can't tell what a binding do!

That sounds like a plausible approach; as discussed above I don't think
it's quite perfect for punctuation, but it may be good enough. If you
attach a patch and a description of the approach to the relevant
bugzilla bug, I think some people who actually use non-latin layouts
are Cc'ed and will be able to comment.

I would suggest that you check for an entry in the current group rather
than n_entries > 1.

Done to Bug 162726

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