Re: Docking widget

A docking widget is a must have in gtk. Think about how much apps should
benefit from this (inkscape, gimp, anjuta...) Many apps reinvent the wheel by integrating their own code for these purpose. I think this should be on the top part of gtk's ToDo list.

Is anyone working or expecting to work on this?

I've been working on a C library at home which does this.

Features include
o Docking windows (in a single list and nested)
o Docking windows which can be hidden. They slide on and off screen when the mouse is near.
o Docking indicators when windows are being dragged around.
o Resizable toolbars (when docked against other toolbars).
o Resizable floating toolbars.
o The ability to hide buttons on a toolbar.
o ALT customisable toolbars for dragging buttons between menus and toolbars.
o Sub menus that can be torn off.
o Menus that have a click history and initially hide low usage count buttons (Toolbars do this as well, though it does not work quite so well).
o Image editor for buttons.
o MDI control (this adds buttons to the menu bar).

Its getting pretty stable, but their are still bugs and I know it will have some horrendous memory leaks. Another problem is that as some of the controls (for instance toolbars and menubars) are not derivatives of the current gtk widgets, the themeing is therefore not quite right and requires a bit of work. If their is enough interest I'll probably post it up, though how much it conforms to the HIG is negligible. I've really enjoyed doing it, and have found a pet project like this being the best way to learn gtk.


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