Re: Why are people sticking with GTK+ 26.? (Re: GTK+ modularization)

Hello Carl & al,

I'm personally interested in hearing more details about what your
motivation for sticking with 2.6 is. If it's performance concerns, (as
is the case with others I've talked to), then I should point out that
I'm personally very interested, and planning on fixing those
performance problems.

There's no good reason that GTK+ should have ever gotten slower. So
I'll be working to fix performance regressions. But I need help
identifying them. So anything anyone can share about things they have
hit would be useful. (And thanks to those who have already started
identifying things here on this list.)

It looks like cairo is very slow when rendering text on X displays which do not support the RENDER extension. Most Solaris X servers around today, for instance, fall in this category, and our applications are simply unusable with Gtk+-2.8, whereas they used to run smoothly with Gtk+-2.6.

Would it help if we assemble a testcase showing this?


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