property API vs fields

Hi GTK people,

The PHP-GTK doc team have hit a point of confusion over the property API in GTK 2, mostly because publicly accessible fields hanging over from GTK 1 are still publicly accessible. We don't know whether to promote the use of *_get_|set_property() or not, and to some extent that depends on whether it will eventually be enforced by the GTK+ team.

In PHP, the approach makes a difference to syntax; directly accessible field names can't contain a hyphen, but a string parameter 'property' passed to a get|set function can. Since some widget properties share the name of a field in the same widget, I can see all kinds of confusion in store.

Short version: Is there a plan to phase out publicly accessible fields in GTK widgets, or are you intending to retain them for all time as a BC consideration?

Sorry if this is covered in the list archives somewhere, your search facilities are having a bad day (and MARC's don't work for function names).

- Steph

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