gtk on mac os x menu bar

Hello all, I'm the guy who does the package. I was just
reading about the gtk on mac os x progress and the discussion about
the proper way to handle the menu bar. I'd just like to throw in on
the side of automating it to put the menu of the focused window in the
menu bar. I don't really understand the alternative argument at all.
The java example was a good one. This is exactly how platform
independent java menus are handled by apple and it is the "right
thing" to do. Another example is carbon-emacs which also places the
menu of the current emacs buffer in the menu bar. Not doing this would
mean leaving menus in the windows and with os x that just isn't done.
The currently focused window controls the menu bar. That's just the
way it is and how os x users expect it to be. At the very least there
should be a configure option to turn on automatic menu handling at
compile time.

I think a lot of gtk apps will be ported by people like me who are
able to build things and play with configure options, but are not
actively involved in development of the respective applications. As
with, making a reasonably functional app bundle does not
necessarily require close cooperation on the part of the project

On a side note, I grabbed the latest glib/pango/gtk/cairo from cvs
(2006-4-18) and was able to get gimp to build without X11 being
installed (yay!). It displayed the splash screen (no fonts), loaded
the plugins, showed the window frame of the main tool window briefly
and then promptly crashed. :(

Gdk-ERROR **: file gdkevents-quartz.c: line 286 (poll_func): assertion
failed: (current_event == NULL)
Trace/BPT trap


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