Re: Gtk+ Recent files updates

Hi Murray,

On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 21:01 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> The GtkRecentFilterInfo struct should be registered as a boxed type,
> ideally with a copy function, so it can be used more easily by language
> bindings.

The GtkRecentFilterInfo structure is similar to GtkFileFilterInfo, which
is not a boxed type either.  Do you want both to become boxed types?
It's a real question - not a rhetorical one: making GtkRecentFilterInfo
a boxed type makes a compelling motive for GtkFileFilterInfo to become a
boxed type too[1]; we would be braking ABI, though.  On the other hand,
the same code bindings are using to convert a GtkFileFilterInfo to
whatever native type they are using could be easily replicated for


[1] For the Perl bindings, the GtkFileFilterInfo is automagically
converted to an HASH object, but the conversion code is not
auto-generated, so it might make sense to use a boxed type.

Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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