Re: selected text is PRIMARY?

David Christian Berg wrote:

Well, generally I agree with your idea of having all selections still
visible, however, I don't share your thoughts about different colours. I
think it would actually make a lot of sense to indicate, which selection
is PRIMARY, because after all that is the one which is being pasted.
You are not taking into account colors of selection in focused/not
focused widget. So while it would be not bad to have different
colors for having-PRIMARY and not-having-PRIMARY selections,
it would not be good to have *four* different colors for all
selections states.
I actually doubt that if you have two selections with same colors
and everything, then it will cause troubles. Yes, you are not able
to tell which one will get pasted. But how often does it happen,
that you select some text, have a cup of coffee, then come back and
press middle mouse button? I guess less often than you would be
annoyed by rainbow on your screen :)

Best regards,

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