Re: GtkAssistant API thoughts

On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 01:12 -0400, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> > - ditch the "forward" and "back" signals, and use a user-specified function 
> >   to compute the next page
> With a fallback to the order in which you add them, right?  Also, what
> are we thinking of keying off for the user function?  An enum?  The
> value of the page?  The closest API analogy I can think of is
> gtk_tree_view_set_column_drag_function(), which takes the columns as
> arguments.  I've found that a bit clumsy in the past, though I don't
> necessarily have a better suggestion.

Carlos' patch uses a function that takes and returns indexes (ie

> > - use a stack of visited pages as you do to implement "back". I don't think 
> >   there is a need to specify a custom back function, it should always go back 
> >   to the previous page
> I can think of one instance where we needed a custom back.  In RP3
> (which was a modem configurator program) we had a page series that went:
> [ Search for modems? ] -> [ Search progress ] -> [ Results ]
>           ^-------------------------------------------/
> We would probably do that better now, but just giving a data point.

Good point. We could probably handle that by adding a page type for
progress pages, and then skipping those when going back.

> Are you adding the concept of a 'confirm' page, or is that just the last
> one?

There will be a page type to mark pages as confirm page (for complicated
nonlinear or looping wizards, it can be necessary to have a confirm page
in the middle of the sequence). By default, the last page will be
handled as a confirm page.


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