XFilterEvent and XCB

Hey All,

While working on the XCB port of GDK, I've run into a snag.  In
gdkevents-x11.c, _gdk_events_queue calls XFilterEvent.   Since this
function is static, I've changed the API to take an XCBGenericEvent
rather than an XEvent, so I don't have anything to pass to
XFilterEvent.  This is a problem because XCB doesn't support
internationalization like Xlib does, and there is no XCB counterpart
to XFilterEvent.   Does anyone have any advice that will help me work
around this and continue porting short of changing the function's
signature back to the original that accepts an XEvent[1]?



Travis Spencer

[1] An application that uses the XCL can't use both XCB's and Xlib's
event queue simultaneously, so I have to port all of GDK event
handling at once.  This necessitated the function signature change.

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