Re: gtk_text_view_get_text ()

В Срд, 12/10/2005 в 04:24 +0200, Krzysiek Szczuka пишет:
> Hi..
> I'm new on this list (in GTK+ too;>) so here's about me:
> I'm Krzysiek Szczuka, student from Poland.
> I've wrote function that I think should be useful, so i'm sending it to You:

You are welcome, Krzysiek.

Your function seems useful but I am not sure it will be included in
public API since it breaks some kind of object structure in GTK -
GtkTextBuffer holds text, GtkTreeView displays it. And it also relies on
your private glade code.

This mailing list is intended to discuss development of gtk itself, but
if you'll join gnome-love mailing list I am sure you'll find a lot of
useful places where you can apply you abilities. 

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