Re: (gtk) bug and win98

On 03.10.2005 22:44, Adib Taraben wrote:
Hello gtk-team,

Inkscape is a SVG vector graphics editor that uses gtk and gtkmm.
Currently with the 2.8 libs there is a problem starting on win98.

Is it possible from you guys to investigate in this bug and find out wether it is a real gtk bug or not?

No need to investigate. Cairo - which gtk+-2.8 depends on - is known not
to work on win32. This is due to using only the unicode APIs for win32
font access. This API does not work on win9x.

Inkscape will release a new version the next weeks and it would be good (I think) to ship the win32 version with gtk 2.8. Gtk 2.6 is known to work also on win98.

If they are *really* interested in win9x support patches to would probably
be accepted. Though there may as well be other issues with running gtk+ on
an obsolte os where apperantly no developer is interested anymore.


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