Re: RecentManager and win32

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

>* Strategy
>Obviously, we can't have two APIs, so the best thing that I could come
>up with was:
>1. we use, for the recently used resources list, the same storage system
>on both Unix *and* win32: a dot file inside $HOME, which stores
>everything using an XBEL dialect;
>2. plus, protected by arch-dependent #ifdefs, when we register every new
>item inside *ours* recently used resources list, we also register it
>inside windows' MRU list, using the win32 shell API.
>By doing this, we keep the same meta-data on both archs, but we make
>windows aware of what we are registering.
With this scheme, what do you do if the two recent files lists are out
of sync?  Which one is considered correct in such a case?

If you treat the XML file as canonical, how do applications find out
about new items added by native Windows applications?

If you try to merge the two lists, how do you remove items from the list?


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