Re: Memory consumption

On 11/25/05, Andrey Karavaev <aka_ bk ru> wrote:
> How about reducing of memory consumption(may be in next GTK+ versions..) ?
> Problem is following: even very simple GTK-application takes huge place
> in memory(& resident memory).... so if we have multiuser sysem .....

Memory use can be hard to measure. "ps" shows a "hello world" program
on my ubuntu machine at 11MB, but looking at /proc/xx/status I see
that 'only' 810kb have actually been allocated.

If I add a second label and a vbox to hold the two labels, memory use
goes up to 812kb. I guess a chunk of this 2kb is down to the theme
(clearlooks, I think).

(Hope I've not misunderstood you here)

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