Sponsored Canvas (was: Re: The state of the canvas)

Hi all,

On Do, 2005-11-17 at 12:47 +0100, Jean Bréfort wrote:
> It seems that things do not advance a lot by now. AFAIK, no much work
> have been done except Alexander Larsson's patch available at:
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=318807
> David Bellot told me he is too busy at the moment to work on the canvas
> and, personally, I am not just not able to write the whole thing alone.
> As GnomeCanvas does not fulfill all my needs and might be soon
> deprecated, I decided to replace it for GChemPaint by a light canvas (I
> do not need many items, nor an optimized canvas) starting from
> libgnomecanvas code.
> At the moment, I am working on a text item (still for the Gnome Canvas)
> which uses Cairo and Pango for rendering. Hopefully, this code might be
> useful for GtkCanvas if it exists one day ;-)

  sorry for the late reply, but I have been busy on the LWE 2005 in
Frankfurt the last days. I was talking with Thomas Uhl about a
cairo-based canvas for GTK+ which doesn't inherit ANY of the limitations
that the GNOME Canvas and the deriving ones (Foocanvas, Goocanvas, etc.)
already have [2].

  Good news now: Thomas is sponsoring my work on a cairo based canvas
which I want to use for my presentation application and which he needs
for several other projects. The contract says that I will finish my work
until the middle of February. I still have 3 weeks at my former
employer, so I'd like to use these three weeks for discussion of the
canvas and how it should be like.

  I've already set up a wiki page [1] about this. Feel free to add
requirement there and please provide API samples if you need special
features (so I have a clear impression of what you need).

[2]These limitations are (partially) documented on my canvas wiki page.


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