Re: Proposal for Directfb GDK library


>>What do you think? is anybody interested in getting involved in
>>developing GDKDFB? And is there any chance GDKDFB is ever going to be
>>merged into GTK mainline?
Execuse me, could I have an access of the patches(2.8.3)? Recently I use
gdk-dfb(2.6, ported from 2.0.9-2) for one of my projects at work. I feel
tempted to try 2.8 and I may contribute if I am able to.

Ivan, Wong Yat Cheung  <email ivanwong info>
GPG: 1024D/7775FDBB: CE88 DBE0 5AF3 D4AC 91F5  6C0E 2C84 B2AD 7775 FDBB

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