Re: Proposal for making the GtkFileChooser code asynchronous

Murray Cumming wrote:
Only if he installed that from-source GTK+ over his packaged GTK+. That is
always a pretty stupid thing to do.

Then what is the alternative? Fedora Core 3 (for example) is less than 2 years old, yet newer GNOME RPMs will not be available for that distro. There is no choice but to install GTK from source. Heck, I'm sure no new GNOME RPMs will be released for Fedora 4, the latest version of Fedora.

Heck, even if he doesn't overwrite his packaged GTK (by installing to /usr/local for example), that still doesn't solve the problem because he has to mess with LD_LIBRARY_PATH to run that specific app.

Furthermore, many, many people are complaining about the constant need to update their distribution just to be able to use newer software. For normal libraries, they can just install the latest version. Why not GTK? GTK has promised backwards compatibility.

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