Re: making g_object_connect() virtual

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, Robert Staudinger wrote:


in the process of wrapping parts of the c++ mozilla API into gobjects
[1] i came across the limitation of g_object_connect() being not
Mozilla heavily uses listener classes that have to be derived from and
handed over to the event source for receiving callbacks. In order to
have the gobject wrapper use signals instead of callbacks it would be
very helpful being able to override g_object_connect(). So the gobject
wrapper would know which signals are expected by the user and can
create the required listeners in a transparent manner.
Or am i missing something and it's already possible to get some kind
of notification when a signal is connected on a GObject subclass?

g_object_connect() is just a convenience wrapper around the
g_signal_connect*() familay and that doesn't necessarily operate
on only GObject types.
so adding a virtual funciton for g_signal_connect*() is not possible
and adding a virtual funciton for g_object_connect() would have little
use, since connections could always be bypassed via the g_signal*() API.
if you can make sure that this won't happen in your application, implementing
your own rober_object_connect() with a virtualized method might be
an option though.

What is your opinion? Copious API padding seems to be there.

not sure what you mean by API padding.


- Rob


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