Re: transient windows on win32

Sorry again for taking so long... but now I am looking more closely
into this. One question:

 > +// are minimized.  The gdk_window_win32_restore_transients function
 > +// reattaches owned windows to their owner when the owner is restored.

I don't see any such function, is this comment talking about something
that you used to have in the code, or something you are planning to

Anyway, when one runs gtk-demo, shouldn't the "Color Selector" demo
work so that if one opens the color selector dialog by clicking on the
"Change the above color" button, and then minimizes the "Color
Selection" dialog (*not* the "Changing color" actual color selector
dialog), also the color selector dialog gets minimized? (And then
restored together with its owner.) This is how it works on X11. On X11
the color selector dialog also is only decorated with a "close"
button, it can't be minimized or maximized. Any idea how to achieve
this on Win32, too?


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