Re: Win32 GLib hackers: please try new socket GIOChannel/watch code

Hi Tor,

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 02:14:49 +0300 Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:

> Please try the new giowin32.c attached to
> . 

This new implementation makes Sylpheed-Claws/win32 work again with
more recent GLib versions. I got stuck with a patched GLib 2.2
(causing difficulties for the GTK2 transition) and a highly modified
Sylpheed socket code (now the posix code works almost unchanged).
The behaviour is similar to xchat, i.e. io_channels get removed
and readded on the same socket inside a watch callback, and some
time later the watch callbacks are not invoked any more.
The patch from Peter Zelezny/Ralph Giles also works, but forgets
an UDP pair for each closed channel (probably the thread leak you
mentioned), the other approach by John Ehresman did not work at all
for me, not even in a simple test app (all patches tested with
GLib-2.6.4 tarball, MSVC6 compiled as on

So, thanks for the new giowin32 code
and best regards,
Thorsten Maerz          <torte netztorte de>

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