Re: Proposal for 2.8: Glog

Hi Maciej,

what I would find incredibly useful would be a log function that logs to a socket and a GUI that reads fro the socket and allos to dynamically filter. Everybody who tried to debugs CAPS negotiation in GStreamer knows that this would be nice.

The GUI should list all registered catelogies and their log-level. That allows to narrow/expand the component. Further having a timeline (a bit like in f-spot) that allows to narrow the time part (by selecting the timestamp of first and last log event shown). The timeline can show the ammount like:

 **       *                ** *    *
****    ***   *    **     ************
*************** ***** *************** ***

Now imagine adding a GtkSourceview to the GUI as well and upon clicking a log-message showing the source ...

Enough dreaming ;)


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