Re: Resquest for new GTypes and some Help

Le mardi 03 mai 2005 �8:44 -0500, Daniel Espinosa a �it :
> I'm trying to have working GDA in GTK#, and at the moment I'm trying
> to port GdaValue from an union structure, to use GValue as container.
> But GValue need GType derived types, and GdaValue need to store the
> following types:
> GList
> gshort
> gushort
> Thist types don't exist as GType fundamental, to use in GValue; could
> any tell me how can I implement this types as part of the gda library
> or may this task is better to have this GTypes as part of GLib.
> Other Help fast, is it better to derive a struct from G_TYPE_BOXED
> enstead from GObject?
Yes, the right thing is to use G_TYPE_BOXED, but you don't need to
derive the struct. You should write a clone and a free function, and use
them to register a new type:

PS: the proper list is gtk-app-devel-list gnome org

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