Re: GTK+ 2.7.0 released [unstable]

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 19:55 +0800, younker wrote:
> Yes, I have merged the development version, seems works fine,
> but I wonder to know how I can specify the backend for cairo.
> for example, I want to use glitz to be the default backend.

There are no current plans to make the Cairo backend selectable
for the X11 backend to GTK+

In the view of the GTK+ maintainers (and also of Dave Reveman,
author of glitz), RENDER is the appropriate way to draw on an
X server with Cairo.

There are some cases now in which using glitz in the client
can improve performance, however the architectural plan is
to use glitz in the server to accelerate RENDER rather than
on the client side. This provides similar or even better
performance in most cases and is much simpler and more


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