Re: GNOME 2.11/2.12 targeting GTK+ 2.8 (ie cairo based)

> For non-local servers without Render, Cairo will allow us to eliminate
> the round-trips... a huge win.

"Show me the money!"

Back in the real world, new code goes in and someone files a performance
bug.  Then you, Owen, seem to take that as a personal insult and close

Exhibit 1: bug 94718.  A clear, to-the-point bug report that something
(namely greying of toolbars) had gotten so much slower that it was a
problem.  It still is.

Exhibit 2: bug 123538.  Pango/GtkTreeview gets very slow with lots of
data, a situation that "less" handled well a decade or two ago.  I
routinely use "less" on files larger than 1GB or with lines that are
thousands of characters wide.  While you didn't actually close this bug
(we kept it under "Gnumeric") you seem to think I am outside what you
designed for, hence my "Hello World" poke.

Exhibit 3: bug 104683.  General Pango performance with a patch that
at the time cut 70% of cpu usage for the all-ASCII case (such as
numbers) that Gnumeric uses heavily.  You NOTABUG'd it *twice* (and
"futured" it once) as evidently Pango's performance cannot possibly
be problematic.

I am somehow reminded of the word "attitude" reading these old, but
still-open, bug reports.

> Rendering speed is 90% an X server issue.

I would normally define rendering speed as a measure of how fast you get
your pixels on the screen.  With that definition in mind, look at bugs
94718 and 104683 above and see that getting pixels on the screen got
much slower with constant X server.  The toolkit is much, much more
than 10%.

> We love you too, Morten.

I am all cuddly.  (Think Jack-Jack from a certain, recent animated


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