modifying the gtk file selector

I use a number of good programs which are gtk based: gimp, gftp, bluefish but I find I am continually hindered by usablility of the fileopenDlg.

I gather this is a bit of a contentious subject and that there is little chance of getting any official changes in the way this works so I have decided to get in there and at least remedy some if the things that bug me.

I have three areas I want to look at, from trivial to _big_job.

1. When I select show hidden files I want to see '.' and '..' , the first gives me a refresh capablility the second a consistant way to move up the file system

2. If I change into a directory with a lot a files it takes for ever to log the directory and there seems no way to break out, I just have to wait.

3. This is the biggy, I want a tree view not bookmarks in the left panel. The file system is a tree structure. I need to view it in that way to work efficiently .

So can anyone point me to the relevant files to save me a bit of digging, I am completely unfamiliar with (wx)GTK et al

Am I right in thinking that none of these areas are being tackled and this is pretty much a closed subject as far as the developers are concerned?


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