drag selection in gtk2-treweview?

I would like to know, if there is some kind of dragging-selection for
the gtk2 treeview, as there is for the deprecated clist.

At the moment I use a workaround in which I save the first selected row
and in motion-notify I unselect all rows and reselect the range between
the saved first row and the current row, to have all rows between the
first I clicked and the one which currently has the cursor selected.

It works as I want it to, but it uses way too much cpu power, as
everything is unselected and reselected and checked if the path is
defined for every pixel I move the mouse..

I've seen this kind of drag selection in other programs, but they all
use the deprecated clist, and we use the newer treeview, for which I
haven't found anything like that yet.
perhaps you could help me with this problem.

thx & greets

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