Re: Can a GtkHandleBox be made transient?

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 09:34 +1000, Michael Wybrow wrote:
> Hi, I sent this message to the users list yesterday, but I'm actually 
> thinking it's more a question for the GTK+ developers.
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> I'm looking for a way to make a GtkHandleBox in its torn-off form a transient 
> window.  For inkscape we use GtkHandleBoxes for our toolbars. The fact that 
> they are non-transient causes several problems.  For example, they can easily 
> sink under the document on Linux and stay above everything (even other 
> applications) on OS X.
> Is there any reason that windows created by GtkHandleBox aren't transient by 
> default?  This is the behaviour I would expect.
> Is there a simple way to make them transient?

Really, I'd suggest not using GtkHandleBox ... in the end, I don't
consider it a successful widget. One of the basic problems with
GtkHandleBox is that you want to reattach to the *window* rather than
to the site where the GtkHandleBox was removed from. You need a "dock"
widget that has a more global view of the geometry of the window.


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