Recent Files Status

Hi all.

In the last two weeks I took over maintainership of the recent-files
code in CVS and Bugzilla.  I began triaging the new bugs, and trying to
apply the old patches.  So far, I've come up with a first batch with
fixes for some bugs (the ones with the patches which applied more or
less cleanly to the current code).

I was in the process of applying them, but luckily I do not have write
access to libegg.  I say "luckily" because that has given me time to
think about the recent-files status.

First of all: recent-files uses some code from Gnome libraries, namely
GnomeVFS and GnomeIconTheme; I already have a patch ready for dropping
the latter, and GnomeVFS should go away too.  But, at this point, we
have something that is basically similar to my RecentManager code -
which is coming along and should be ready for inclusion in libegg this
week-end or soon after, in order to let other people play with the code.

So, what should we do?  Close libegg/recent-files and open a new module
under libegg?  Continue to maintain recent-files? In the latter case, to
whom do I ask for write permissions? Gtk+ maintainers? Gnome
maintainers? Directely to the CVS master?

Kind regards,

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>
Web site:

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