Re: Spurious right-to-left problem, kindly advise a fix

>Hi guys,
>I posted this question to the other gtk mail lists, but got no
>response. There is probably a very simple solution but someone
>with inside knowledge of how the right-to-left and left-to-right
>code works is needed to advise me.
>I'm the developer of Puppy Linux, a tiny 60M live-CD, featuring
>Mozilla, Abiword, and in the next release also Gnumeric.
>Up to now I have used Mandrake 9.2 as the host for compiling, and
>all the GTK libs have been pulled straight from Mandrake
>-- that's GTK 2.2.
>Now I am using Vector Linux for compiling, and have upgraded Puppy
>to Vector's GTK 2.4 files.
>The upgraded Puppy works fine, except for one little problem...
>The Leafpad and TEA text editors both exhibit a spurious right-to-left
>text entry problem.
>When I open a new file, the cursor appears on the right side.
>If I type any non-alphabetic character, such as 1 2 3 " + }
>the cursor stays over on the right side and entry is RTL.
>If I move the cursor to next line, the characters jump to the
>left side. Also while the cursor is still on the offending line if I
>type any alphabetic character it immediately jumps to the left side
>and becomes normal LTR -- like, I type 123a then that last "a" causes
>a sudden reversal from RTL to LTR.
>Now another interesting thing:
>I compiled glib 2.6.1, pango 1.8.0, atk 1.9.0, gtk 2.6.1 on Mandrake
>9.2 and got the same behaviour. I would have thought the infrastructure
>in Mandrake, like LANG and LC_ variables, would all be setup properly.
>Puppy has LANG=C, none of the "LC_" variables set.
>Puppy is an English-only distro, due to its very small size, so I really
>need to disable right-to-left behaviour totally.
>Could anyone advise me what I should do to fix this?
>-- I can't release the next version of Puppy until this is fixed!

Looks very similar to this bug

>Barry Kauler
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