Re: Gtk+ 2.7.0 tarball - make dist

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 13:27 +0000, J. Ali Harlow wrote:
> Matthias,
> Did "make dist" work for you without problems when you put the Gtk+  
> 2.7.0 tarball together?
> For the first time ever, I'm trying to use make dist with Gtk+ to test  
> a patch I've written and I'm getting the following error:
> *** Building HTML ***
> rm -rf ./html
> mkdir ./html
> cd ./html && gtkdoc-mkhtml gtk ../gtk-docs.sgml
> warning: failed to load external entity "../xml/question_index.sgml"
> ../gtk-docs.sgml:301: error: Failure to process entity gtk-Questions
>     &gtk-Questions;
>                    ^
> [more errors, snipped]
> As far as I can see gtk-docs.sgml is expecting to find  
> question_index.sgml in docs/reference/gtk/xml, but it's actually in  
> docs/reference/gtk. However, I can't see how you could have made the  
> release without running into the same issue.
> I have tried to search for a known issue in bugzilla, but if I've  
> missed it I'd be grateful for a pointer.

You probably need a newer gtk-doc. We rely on a feature from cvs gtk-doc
which copies files like question_index.sgml from docs/reference/gtk
to docs/reference/gtk/xml, replacing the usual gtk-doc shortcuts on the 


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