Re: large window / 'guffaw' scrolling for win32

 > Gnumeric's win32 port is hitting the window size limits as soon as
 > we scroll 900 or so lines.  The limit also plays havoc with our RTL
 > support.  Do you have any ideas on if/when large windows will be
 > supported, or is this a 'patches would be nice' situation.

This is a "forgetting Win9x would make things much easier"
situation... On NT-based windows the window dimension limits are quite
high. Don't remember exactly, and can't find quickly on Google, but at
least it is in the 24 bit range, or maybe even close to full signed
int range. On Win9x it is 32678.

Currently there are some (unfinished, resumably broken) attempts in
the Win32 GDK backend to use similar hacks for large windows and
guffaw scrolling as in the X11 backends. It would be much simpler to
bin all that, and just create windows as large as necessary. Hmm.

As the current code presumably is broken anyway on both modern
Windowses and Win9x, we wouldn't lose any functionality if it was made
to work on NT-based Windows, and would continue not working on
Win9x. I think I'll do that...


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