Re: pango makefile fix breaks gtk build

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Carol Spears wrote:


i have been for years struggling with pango.  it refused to build from
cvs into /usr/local/lib (the default) while my distribution had a version
in /usr/lib

i do not completely understand the way things work -- i do understand
how they are supposed to work in the simpler sense.

i changed a few things in the pango makefiles.  the patch can be
reviewed here:  i did not
add the patch until pango was able to build without fail.  it seems that
this has broken the build of gtk+ from cvs head today.

your patch simply adds a glib library dependency in one place and is just
chaging whitespaces in the others.

it is not supposed to be like this.  can someone fill in the details
about how that fix to pango breaks gtk+?  it should have helped it.

could you please:
a) build the glib/cairo/pango/gtk toolchain without any patches to figure
   whether you still have any problems doing that
b) outline the actually build error you're running into (in this case copy
   the relevant build log excerpt from gtk) if you run into problems
c) if we still can't get things fixed, try building the toolchain with
   jhbuild, we can give hand holding on how to do that on #gtk+



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