Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

Seems great goals !

Have some questions:
1) Is GTK+-3.0 scheduled ? Or is it a long long time work which will be
released "when it's ready". Will be a GTK+-2.10 version ? Or 3.0 is the
next version ?

2) If GTK+-3.0 is released, will it lead automatically to gnome-3.0 ? So
is it the right moment (not now, but when GTK3 will be released) to do
API/ABI breakage in all gnome apps/libs ?

3) Is Ridley a already well defined (and planned) project ? Or is it
waiting for comments to add others API modifications ?

4) For example : is what i'm saying in bug 43311 [1] in the spirit/Goals
of ridley ?

Claessens Xavier.

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