Bug in GTK CUT to Clipboard Operation

I'm using the API gtk_text_buffer_cut_clipboard() to cut the selected
text from a text buffer corresponding to a text view widget, to the
CLIPBOARD selection.  What is
happening is that the text is NOT getting copied to the clipboard,
though the selected text is getting removed from the text view.
On the other hand, COPYing works, with a call to
gtk_text_buffer_copy_clipboard(), in which case the selected text is
getting copied to the clipboard correctly.
I'm using something like:
gtk_text_buffer_cut_clipboard(tBuf, mClipboard, TRUE);

This DOES NOT copy the contents of the current selection to the
If I replace that with the following pair:

gtk_text_buffer_copy_clipboard(tBuf, mClipboard);
gtk_text_buffer_delete_selection(tBuf, TRUE, TRUE);

This too, DOES NOT work (though I thought it does essentially the same

Is there a bug in GTK with respect to this operation?


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