Re: GtkButton and double clicks

On 09/16/04 14:50, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find
> anything...
> Right now, double-clicking on a GtkButton gives you two emissions of the
> "clicked" signal.
> This is bad for things like launcher buttons in the Gnome panel.  People
> get confused all the time, double-click on them because that's what they
> think they have to do to open a program, and get two instances of the
> program rather than just one.
> Do we need an API like
> 	void gtk_button_set_ignore_double_click (GtkButton *button,
> 						 gboolean   ignore);
> 	gboolean gtk_button_get_ignore_double_click (GtkButton *button);
> (and the corresponding property)?
> If so, should we turn it on by default?  I *think* there are not many
> buttons which you want to be able to click rapidly/repeatedly.

IMHO, this is a bit overkill.  users that accidentally double-click the
buttons learn pretty quickly that they're doing something wrong.  if not,
well...  i personally don't think gtk should be catering to the lowest
common denominator.

this could also have the effect of incorrect education - if a user double
clicks on a button and it works fine that way, they'll think that's what
they're supposed to do.  that in itself isn't a terrible thing, but what
happens when they come across a button (perhaps non-gtk, perhaps not) that
doesn't ignore double clicks?  more confusion...


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