Re: RFC: Tooltips redesign (needed e.g. for row dependent tips in treeview)

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> Here's an alternate approach I came up with talking to Jonathan (he's
> promised a more detailed writeup of GtkTreeView requirements) is a
> little more of a radical change.

Generally, I think the proposal looks really good. I see some problems

>     typedef enum { GTK_TOOLTIPS_MOUSE, GTK_TOOLTIPS_KEYBOARD } GtkTooltipsContext;
>     void gtk_tooltips_window_begin (GtkTooltipsWindow *window,
>                                     GtkTooltipsContext context,
>                                     GObject           *owner);
>     void gtk_tooltips_window_end   (GtkTooltipsWindow *window,
>                                     GtkTooltipsContext context,
>                                     GObject           *owner);

The exact positon of tooltips should probably depend on the mouse
cursor. Eg., you probably don't want the tooltip popping up directly
under the mouse cursor. Maybe replace these functions with

    gtk_tooltips_begin_mouse (GtkTooltipsWindow *window,
                              GObject           *object,
                              gint               x,
                              gint               y)

>     void gtk_tooltips_window_set_area   (GtkTooltipsWindow  *window,
>                                          GtkTooltipsContext  context,
>                                          GdkWindow          *relative_to,
>                                          int x, int y, 
>                                          int width, int height);

Shouldn't this function have an owner parameter? Also, what good are
the width/height parameters? I don't see how they can be useful.

But I don't really think this function is sufficent if you want to
take mouse position into account. What about

    typedef void (* GtkTooltipPositionFunc) (GObject *owner,
                                             GdkEvent *event,
                                             gpointer data);

    gtk_tooltips_window_set_position_func (GtkTooltipsWindow      *window,
                                           GObject                *owner,
                                           GtkTooltipPositionFunc  func,
                                           gpointer                data);


Finally, I could see it being useful putting general widgets into the
tooltip window, so the API shouldn't rule that out (I don't think it
does currently).


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