Re: Exposing get_filename_charset

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 10:42 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Well, you wouldn't want exactly that, perhaps, since G_FILENAME_ENCODING
> is defined as a comma-separated list of encodings and
> get_filename_charset() just returns the first one.
> The other question is whether we could push down what you are doing
> in Nautilus to GLib with a 
> 'g_filename_display_name (const char *filename)' or something like
> that.

Such a function would be very useful.

We also need something for URIs, but encoding for unescaped URIs is not
well defined.  See for
how I "fixed" this in EggRecent --- it simply checks to see if the
unescaped base name is valid UTF-8; otherwise, it replaces invalid
characters by "?".

Also, there's in which
glib and gnome-vfs disagree on how to escape URIs.

Should we put all the URI-escaping/unescaping and charset conversion
stuff in glib, and simply make gnome-vfs use it?  Or are some of thoses
out of the scope of glib?


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