Re: GtkCellView API changes

Anders Carlsson <andersca gnome org> writes:

> gtk_cell_view_set_value is good here, but gtk_cell_view_set_values
> takes pairs of property names and _GValues_. I suggest that we replace
> this function with
> void gtk_cell_view_set (GtkCellView     *cell_view,
> 			GtkCellRenderer *renderer,
> 			...)

One problem with is is that it causes problems with language bindings.
There's already a g_object_set() that GtkCellView will implement.  This
will make the ::set() function ambiguous for developers.  For example,
consider python:

cell_view = gtk.CellView ()

Does this refer to g_object_set() or gtk_cell_view_set()?  Both uses
seem legitimate:

  cell_view.set ("visible", True)
  cell_view.set (renderer, text=COLUMN_ONE)


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