Binding properties for GLib implemented!


I implemented binding properties for GLib (as a library extension). Binding
properties is automatic synchronizing values of several properties, so that
when one property changes. the properties bound with it automatically
change accordingly.

See this URL: (version 0.9.1)

My library also supports binding through GValue transformation functions
(and a simple case of binding with transformation, binding with boolean

I constructed the API in such a way that we don't absolutely need to
re-design if we will want to add new functionality. For example, reference
counting (now missing) can be added without breaking exisitng API.

Please review and comment about the library API, here are docs: (especially TODO section).

For example, do you think that reference counting should be added? I deem
it unnecessary almost always, but indeed adding it would increase

If you want to participate in development of this library, please just send
me patches. Now it is missing g_assert()s.

And from TODO in HTML docs: "need to think more" what else we may invent.

There are also Ada95 bindings (extension of GtkAda).

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